Who is Pride For?

The short answer – EVERYONE!

The purpose of Pride is to offer a safe space where people can feel free to be who they truly are without fear of persecution, surrounded by those who support them and desire the same freedom. Pride also gives those who may not understand what the fuss is about an opportunity to see, hear, and learn about their fellow human beings in a fun, friendly and open environment!

For people who are out.

Pride is a celebration and recognition of the human rights that are available to them now that have only be achieved within the last 50 years. Pride is also a safe space for people to attend where they can feel free to just be themselves.

For people who are not out (or don’t intend to come out).

Pride allows people the opportunity to positively see themselves in others who may be like them, in a comfortable way and from a distance that feels safe.

For allies.

Pride provides a forum for allies to openly show their support and let people know that there are safe people and spaces waiting to welcome them.

For family of queer people.

Pride creates a safe space to support and celebrate your loved ones in a world that is not always accepting. Pride allows families to observe their loved ones in a setting in which they know for certain that they are accepted and appreciated for their authentic selves. It also allows family members to connect with family members of other queer people and share their experiences.

For children of queer people.

Pride allows them to see other kids whose parents are also queer and an opportunity to unabashedly celebrate their families.